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Ex PSC Student Helping Asylum Seekers

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 TONIGHT Monday 28 July

- Party Plan Evening (School Fundraiser)

- Sister School Information Evening for Parents and Families hosting students 7.00 - 7.30pm in the GLC


Wednesday 30 July

2016 Italy Tour meeting for Parents and Students in the Library, 7.00pm start.


Monday 4 August

Staff P.D. Day.

Student Free Day.


Thursday 7 August

VCE Parent Interviews 4.30 to 6.30pm


Monday 11 August

VTAC Information Session


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Year 10 Camp


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PSC welcomes new teachers

Monday, 23 June 2014


TFA _New_Teachers_Observer_110614

Relocating halfway across the state and starting a new job can be a daunting affair, and it can be compounded further when you are starting a new career too. However new teachers Tom Cain and Chris Weinberg have settled into life in Portland and the Portland Secondary College with ease.


As part of the fifth cohort of Teach for Australia (TFA), they have relocated their lives for the next two years as part of a two-year program that helps place highly skilled workers into the education system.


The secondary college enters its third year of hosting TFA associates, having mentored Liam McNaughton and Adam Ross towards full teacher registration and their Masters degree.


They gain experience and study towards a Masters in Teaching through a combination of on-campus/off-campus study as well as face-to-face mentoring with experienced educators.


Both teachers, hailing from Melbourne, came into the program from uniquely different ways. Mr Cain completed an economics and arts degree at Monash University, before working for two years in the automotive industry, and a further 18 months in the energy industry.


While volunteering at a homework program for Sudanese youths, he was drawn to the program and decided he was ready for a career change.

Mr Weinberg studied commerce with a focus on economics at Melbourne University, and while completing his honours year was introduced to a TFA

representative through a mutual friend. “After one ‘coffee on campus’ session my mindset completely changed,” Mr. Weinberg added.

Both men were able to meet with the previous cohort of alumni residing at the secondary college, and were able to see first hand the skills and experiences that the graduates accumulate.

“It was good to come in at the tail end of their experience and see the completed package.” Six months into their program, with Mr Cain teaching History to Years 7, 9, 10 and 11, and Mr Weinberg teaching Economics to Year 11 and Mathematics to Years 7 and 11, both men have nothing but positive views about their experience so far.

“It has been a challenging and rewarding time,” said Mr Weinberg. Outside of the school, both have immersed themselves into Portland life, with Mr Cain playing for a local football team and Mr Weinberg slotting into the senior hockey team with ease.


“The natural beauty of the area has enhanced our experience,” said Mr Weinberg.

“The fact that after a long week you can go to Bridgewater and relax is amazing.”

A unique aspect of the course is the openness of options at the end of the two years, while many stay on and continue teachers, others move on and use their

new skill set in various industries.

“It’s good think that you don’t have to commit to anything long term, and that the options are open in the end,” said Mr. Cain. “Initially I wasn’t sure what I’d like to do at the end of the program, but six months in I’d like to think that this is something that I’d like to continue doing,” added Mr Weinberg.

New teachers immersed in life in Portland.


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PSC Welcomes New Teachers

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

PSC Welcomes_New_Teachers

This year Portland Secondary College welcomes Belinda Martyn (teaching Certificate 2 Retail Skincare and Makeup); Kaleb Sherwell (Certificate 2 Engineering Studies); Lee-Anne Chapman (Year 7 and 8 maths and Year 11 and 12 accounting); Kate Rhook (Year 7 maths and Year 8, 9 and 10 science); Debbie Cobby (Year 12 psychology and Year 10 and 11 English) and Greg McIlwraith (teaching Certificate 2 Desktop Publishing to the staff).



Portland Secondary College has welcomed two more Teach for Australia (TFA) teachers, Chris Weinberg and Tom Cain. TFA gives individuals with university degrees the opportunity to become teachers and while Mr Cain has been working for the past three-and-a-half years since graduating, Mr Weinberg comes straight from the University of Melbourne.Mr Weinberg finished four years of study on a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours last year while also completing the six-week TFA course. He said the idea to change the direction of his life came during the second half of his four-year course. "I wanted to do something with meaning and impact after finishing university," Mr Weinberg said. "The effort teachers make had an effect on me during school. That left an impression and inspired me to do the same myself. I definitely see myself doing it long term. "Mr Weinberg said the best part of starting at PSC was meeting the group of dedicated teachers all working for to develop children’s education and the community work."Being in TFA and going to a regional area allows you to develop a connection with students, families and the local community," he said.Mr Weinberg is teaching maths and economics to Years 7 and 11.Mr Cain arrives at PSC with a Bachelor of Commerce and Art from Monash University.After completing his degree Mr Cain spent two years in the automotive industry and one and a half in energy before becoming involved with TFA."I’ve had a couple of interesting jobs but neither was really fulfilling," he said."I decided I owed it to myself to get a career I wanted and I thought teaching would be that."He will be teaching humanities and history to Years 7 to 11. Mr Cain said, for him, one of the benefits of working in Portland was the waves. "I’m a bit of a surfer and I’m looking forward to getting into that," he said.Mr Cain first heard of TFA through a group he was volunteering with which taught English to Sudanese immigrants. Through the group, Mr Cain met and got into a discussion with a TFA representative."It was at a time I was looking for something different so it was timed really well," Mr Cain said.Both Mr Cain and Mr Weinberg completed a six-week course at the University of Melbourne of intensive teaching and leadership training before coming to PSC. They were also introduced to their PSC TFA predecessors, Adam Ross and Liam McNaughton, who shifted to metropolitan schools at the end of 2013. "TFA are really good at making sure you know exactly what you’re getting into and helping you prepare," Mr Weinberg said.


Photo courtesy of the Portland Observer.


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