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Monday 24 August

Book Week Dress-Up Day


Wednesday 26 until Friday 28 August

Year 10 Camp


Monday 31 August

PISA Testing (Programme for International Student Assessment) for Year 9 and 10 students


Tuesday 1 September

Immunisations  -  Year 7 & 9 students


Monday 7 September

Year 7 Health & Wellbeing Day


Wed 9 Thurs 10 & Fri 11 September

2015 School Production

"The School Banned"


 Friday 18 September

Last day of Term 3

 2.30pm finish


TERM 4  2015

Monday 5 October

First day back Term 4


Mon 5 until Wed 7 October

Year 12 Practice Exams


Thursday 8 October

Year 12 Parent Forum 6-7pm




















Deakin School News Network


The Deakin School News Network gives Year 9 and 10 students the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience.  The project involves Deakin staff, local reporters and teachers in helping students develop their journalistic skills to become school reporters.


Reports can be about a school event, an issue that involves the school or something that students are interested in. which students upload  online.  


The Deakin School News Network project aims to interest young people in news and the world around them by giving them the opportunity to create their own news for a real audience, via a Deakin link up web page.


The Deakin School News Network project encourages students to develop their ability to work in teams, manage time, work independently, communicate effectively and think and evaluate their work critically.


Students also discover the legal and ethical responsibilities involved in broadcasting.


PSC News Stories


Click on the links below to view these stories by students.