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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In preparation for 2016 and beyond, Portland Secondary College is continuing the implementation of BYOD - its eLearning strategy.  The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program provides opportunities for students to develop their ICT skills using familiar technology from home allowing families to decide the best equipment.  Our commitment to making Portland Secondary College an education leader in ICT has driven the adoption of the BYOD program.


Computer device program booklet 2016 Page 01


What is BYOD?

In repsonse to parent and student feedback on the 1:1 netbook program, Portland Secondary College has expanded the options available for families that allow the use of a wider range of personal techonlogy.  Advances in the way of curriculum is being delivered at the College, combined with growth in ICT skills of both students and teachers, means we can move to this more contemporary model.


What does this mean for my family?

BYOD allows students to use a device chosen by them as a principle 1:1 device at school.  It should be noted that small mobile devices such as iPod, iPad mini, smart phones and eBook readers are not suitable as the principle device; these however are permitted at school for personal use.  Portland Secondary College will provide access to the wireless network and the Internet for the principle 1:1 device but will not provide any hardware support.


Beyond 2015 

All students from years 7-12 are required to have a 1:1 computing device for use at school.  The College is moving the school community to a model, which allows the families the flexibility to choose the technology that best suits their child's requirements.  All students will be involved in BYOD 2016, which coincides with the retirement of our current netbook fleet.


Cost to Families

BYOD has a cost for the family.  Families can purchase from any vendor although we do have three providers who all supply devices which meet the College's recommended specifications.



- Icon Investments - click here to view recommended devices

- Martins Computers - click here to view recommended devices

- Learning with Technologies - click here to view recommended devices

                                                - click here to access Learning with Technologies online purchasing portal


Recommended devices:

- Laptop/Netbook

- Netbook


Families should ensure that the device meets the minimum specifications published in the booklet and that students have access to appropriate support for both maintenance and repair with insurance.  It is also recommended that students have an appropriate bag to protect their device.


ANDROID and WINDOWS RT devices are NOT currently supported as a BYOD option.


To download Portland Secondary College's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) booklet - click here.


For further information click on the following links.

PSC's BYOD Vision Statement 

- 1:1 personal devices

- Acceptable Use Agreement

- Commonly asked questions

- PSC BYOD Specs 2016