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Monday 24 August

Book Week Dress-Up Day


Wednesday 26 until Friday 28 August

Year 10 Camp


Monday 31 August

PISA Testing (Programme for International Student Assessment) for Year 9 and 10 students


Tuesday 1 September

Immunisations  -  Year 7 & 9 students


Monday 7 September

Year 7 Health & Wellbeing Day


Wed 9 Thurs 10 & Fri 11 September

2015 School Production

"The School Banned"


 Friday 18 September

Last day of Term 3

 2.30pm finish


TERM 4  2015

Monday 5 October

First day back Term 4


Mon 5 until Wed 7 October

Year 12 Practice Exams


Thursday 8 October

Year 12 Parent Forum 6-7pm




















Students meet Members of Parliament


Four lucky students of the Portland Secondary College’s SRC were given a great opportunity, sitting down with two influential members of the Liberal party, Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy and former premier Denis Napthine.In a private, 45 minute forum, Liam Hol, Danielle Arthur, Sam Shepherd and Daniel Brown asked a plethora of questions covering local and state governance, overseas terrorism and tourism, and received advice from both members of the parliament about developing a long term vision."Sitting in a meeting run by students was inspirational," said Danielle Arthur."During the visit both Denis Napthine and Matthew Guy taught us how to properly plan tasks within the school," added Daniel."To illustrate, they gave us examples of projects within Victoria such as the East-West Link and how they are being accomplished. "Although the tasks within school are much smaller, similar procedures can be taken."The students even picked up some tips on how to improve the way they run the SRC."Dr Napthine suggested a three-step plan as an effective way to implement improvements," said Liam."What can the students do? How can the Portland Community Help? What funding can we outsource for major projects?" he added.After learning a thing or two from the two leaders, Dr Napthine put the students in their shoes and asked them each what they would do if they were the Premier of Victoria.While some baulked at the idea, Daniel Brown was confident he would help secure jobs in Portland and enhance tourism to the district, which was met with smiles from Dr Napthine."Discussing the future of Victoria and Portland in particular was interesting," added Daniel Brown."They both explained that getting the balance right within Victoria is challenging and important."


MPs - Denis Napthine 190815



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 Photo courtesy of the Portland Observer.



Students tap into 40 Years of Experience


Senior Economics students at the Portland Secondary College were immersed with a wealth of knowledge last Wednesday, with Professor Neville Norman of the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne paying them a special visit.Drawing from his 40 years of experience, Professor Norman focused on the recent federal budget, giving the students the opportunity to role play different scenarios and theories.  Students were given the chance to show their understanding of macroeconomics and the role of policy as they tried to close the budget deficit by cutting expenditure or raising taxes.The professor came to Portland on the invitation of current economics teacher Chris Weinberg, who he supervised during his honours year in 2013 at the University of Melbourne.


Mr Weinberg said the class warmly received Professor Norman’s presentation on Wednesday."They were enthusiastic in the role-play activities he ran and listened attentively throughout. "Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss economic theories regarding federal budgets. "I got a lot of beneficial background regarding the Australian economy.  How it impacts on Australian policy making, how economic decisions made 10 years ago still affect our growing economy today," said student Annique Ray, 17. "I now know that the budget is only a short term fix, with no benefit in the run of the Australian economy; this budget is helping the Liberal Party stay in power rather than grow the Australian economy and lessen the budget deficit."


After the class Miss Ray’s classmate, Jake Edwards, 17, said he learned a lot from Professor Norman’s in-depth discussion on economics."I gained crucial information regarding the recently released budget and the pivotal background information influencing the government’s decisions."I now know the foundations of the federal budget and the intricate factors determining various policies implemented by the government "This definitely helped for the exam having a better overview of the budget and an insight to important policies that may be seen in the papers in November."


Melb University  Neville Norman 2015


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Photo courtesy of The Portland Observer.





Girls Football Interschool Sport

Students from Portland Secondary College, Heywood and District Secondary College and Bayview College faced off on Friday in an interschool girls football clash on Hanlon Park.

The pictures show Nevadah Ooi-Cleary keeps her eye on the ball as she kicks long.


 The picture shows Jaymie Falconer props herself to gather the loose ball as the pack closes in. There was no holding back in the senior girls clash between Portland Secondary College and Bayview College, with every possession earned the hard way.


Girlss Football   Interschool Sport  OBS  Auugust 2015.bmp

Girlss Football   Interschool Sport  2


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Photos courtesy of the Portland Observer.


Jemma off to Milan


Handbury Award and Scholarship at the Australasian Young Designer Wool Awards in Hamilton on Sunday.




Shocked and honoured to receive the award, Ms Saunders said it was the first time she had worked with wool in her designs. She said when she considered entering the Sheepvention competition, she did not realise what she could do with wool when creating garments. "When I first heard about us entering the wool award, I thought knitwear for some reason as I didn’t know you could get wool suiting as beautiful, and have such an amazing drape as it does," she said.Ms Saunders is a second year student at the Gordon Institute of TAFE in Geelong and dreams to have her own label and be a successful designer in the future.A two-week residential course in fashion design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, one of Europe’s most famous fashion schools, will certainly help Ms Saunders’ dreams become a reality.  The prize is worth $10,500. Ms Saunders described her winning garment as meraki, which meant to do with the soul and creativity and putting something of yourself into your work."The silhouette is 1960s inspired, I wanted to ramp it up and make it a bit more contemporary … it is made from 100 per cent wool suiting from Davisha in the city," she said."The oversized jacket has double folded revere and bucket style pockets."The design took Ms Saunders about two months to complete."I want to make beautiful clothes for women to wear that people feel happy in, style is an individual thing and it is a privilege to have people like and enjoy your clothing," she said.Judges Wendy Voon and Robyn Black said it was an honour and pleasure to judge the inspiring pieces."We were both impressed with the high standard of work entered," Ms Voon said.Event compere ACE Radio’s Rowly Patterson said it was an amazing show with "wonderful and imaginative garments"."It gives woolgrowers great optimism, wool is a fabulous fibre and I am very proud to be involved in this," Mr Patterson said.


Handbury Award  Ex-student Jemma Saunders off to Milan  OBS August 2015

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Photo courtesy of the Portland Observer.



Ex-student Returns for Teacher Placement




Ex-student  returns for teacher placement  Sarah Whitworth  OBS 072215




Rarely do students have the chance to see their school from the teacher’s perspective. However, for ex-Portland Secondary College student Sarah Whitworth, the opportunity to learn the craft from the very people who educated her has been grabbed with two hands.Currently studying a double degree in Arts and Education at LaTrobe University, the third-year student will spend three weeks learning as much as she can from new colleagues. "I’ve enjoyed coming back to my old school. I’m learning a lot from my old teachers. I am enjoying seeing things from a different perspective."Working alongside the likes of experienced teachers such as Jill Perkins, as well as the younger teachers like Tom Cain, has given Miss Whitworth insight on working in a government school."My last placement was at Parade College in Bundarra, which is a large, private all-boy school. To go from there to Portland Secondary College is very different."Miss Whitworth noted that knowing her way around the school made the transition from ex-student to student-teacher a lot easier too."It’s been really good to come back because you get a better understanding of what you may have been like as a student," she said. Assistant Principal Jo Logan said it is always an honour to have past students back at the school, especially in a teaching capacity."It’s great to have her back. It’s always good to have old students back and see things from the other side.

Hopefully, we can entice a few of them to come back and teach here too."A graduate of the Future Leaders of Industry program, Miss Whitworth was awarded the Helen Handbury Leadership Award in 2011 and was awarded $5000 of funding towards an international trip to experience community development in another culture.Upon completing the second semester, she plans on visiting Nepal to undertake six weeks of volunteer teaching with Global Vision International."I chose Nepal for a few reasons. After everything that had happened this year, they need all of the volunteers and tourism that they can get. "Upon coming back from the once-in-a-lifetime trip, Miss Whitworth plans on completing her final placement at an Indigenous school, possibly in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. 


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Photo courtesy of The Portland Observer.



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