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Teachers Raising the Bar

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Local Teens Cook for Charity

Students from Portland Secondary College have put their baking skills to work to support those volunteering for the Good Friday Appeal.On Monday the students cooked hot cross buns which will be donated to the CFA and its volunteers who will be tin rattling on Friday to raise money for the Good Friday Appeal.Teacher Chris Thomas, director of applied learning, transitions and re-engagement, said the project was a chance to combine the students’ learning with a good cause."The students came up with a number of ideas and one of them was to use the trade training centre to do some cooking and from that idea there was some thought that we could support the Good Friday Appeal," Mr Thomas said."So what we are doing today is cooking the buns and giving them to the people who are volunteering and shaking cans on Friday."

Local teens cook for charity 180416


Melanie Dyson, 17, putting the cross on the hot cross buns which will be donated to the CFA volunteers on Good Friday.


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Teachers Raising the Bar


Portland Secondary College Teachers


Raising the Bar


‘For students and teachers to understand the next learning steps, they also need understand what the long-term learning progression looks like.’  Michael Francis, Educational Consultant.


Portland Secondary College teachers have been busy mapping learning development, which makes it possible to monitor every students’ progress and set individual targets in each of the subject areas.


Matt Powell, the Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning says, ‘It's a process that has required them to think more deeply about the progression of different skills, subject knowledge and attributes such as leadership.’  ‘To come to a shared agreement with their colleagues about this has led to amazing conversations, passionate discussions and teachers daring to disagree with each other and challenge each other.’ he went on to say.


‘Professionally it's been very rewarding but incredibly difficult because sometimes we will think "Well what is the next step if a student is working outside of their age-based level?”, and so that's involved us having to research and to work with professional consultants like Michael Francis' explained Donna Bassett, English teacher.


Michael Francis summarizes this developmental approach to learning and assessment as about helping every student achieve the maximum amount of growth, and is underpinned by three theories:  Professor Patrick Griffin's work on developmental learning, teaching and assessment; Professor John Hattie’s research that shows in order to help students to know how they're going and where to next, teachers really need to have a clear idea of what progress looks like in each subject; and Professor Geoff Masters, whose work shows that the underlying purpose being able to identify where a student is at, at a particular time in their learning.'


Principal, Toni Burgoyne summed up the views of Portland Secondary College’s staff by saying, 'We're always wanting to help all our students develop.’





Teach for Australia


With two years of experiences behind them, the partnership between Teach for Australia (TFA) associates Christopher Weinberg and Tom Cain has reached a natural conclusion.  Immersing themselves in all aspects of the Portland community, the two Portland Secondary College teachers have become synonymous with local sport and politics as much as they have in education.


Teach for Asutralia 2015  OBS  122316


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Photo courtesy of the Portland Observer.




Student Traineeship

Three local teenagers started their careers this month with the Glenelg Shire Council as new trainees.


Hotspur-based Carlos Chambers, 16, has joined the Heywood council depot team as an apprentice mechanic, while Portland’s Jess Hallinan and Annique Ray, 18, are completing administration traineeships at the Portland council office.Carlos, a former Monivae College student, said having a ‘very mechanical’ father had helped build his passion for the automotive field. "I enjoy working on vehicles and swinging spanners around; I thought this would be a good opportunity to pursue a career in mechanics," Carlos said.


Miss Hallinan and Miss Ray, who were classmates at Portland Secondary College, aim to use their 12-month administration traineeships as a pathway into further tertiary study. Miss Hallinan is based in the community and culture department and will support the restructured assets and infrastructure team. She aims to use the traineeship to build future career opportunities."I want to keep studying and this is a good way to work towards something," Miss Hallinan said.Miss Ray will start with the corporate services department before transitioning to the planning and economic development unit. "I want to do a business degree; this traineeship will provide a taste of what is involved in this course," Miss Ray said.Glenelg Shire Mayor Max Oberlander said council was proud to support local youth in building career paths close to home."I would like to wish these three talented teenagers all the best as they start their careers with Glenelg Shire," Cr Oberlander said."Council is proud to embrace our local youth, supporting them in building solid career opportunities here in our local community."

Student Traineeships  OBS 012216


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Photo courtesy of the Portland Observer.




Work Experience

For the past week I have been lucky enough to do journalism at the Observer for Year 10 work experience; I have helped put together the Kid’s page, joined journalists on jobs and interviewing members of the community.

One of the first things that I got to do was compile the kids’ page. I wrote about the upcoming Beats Cycle for Hope, who has birthdays this week, who won the colouring competition, and the success of Zak Denham in Harrow, just to name a few.Doing the kids’ page made me feel as though I was way older than what I actually am.

Work Experience


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Photo courtesy of the Portland Observer.



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