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Community keen to show Support



Community keen to show support - 250515


On Friday night as 120 people packed the Portland Football Netball Cricket Club function room for a Nepalese-themed fundraising dinner for displaced Nepalese communities.




The sold out event raised $4000 on the night, providing direct support to several destroyed villages of the April 25 earthquake.Event spokesperson Di Burch said she was blown away by the response and support of the community."Friday night was absolutely amazing. Portland is so very generous. We were sold out within days and I think we could have sold another 200 tables for the night based on the communities interest."Mrs Burch praised the donations of food, music, wait staff and room hire, as well as the generosity of patrons on the night."This far exceeded our expectations. I think it’s because so many people in Portland have a deep connection to Nepal.


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Students Ready for Stage

Students Ready for Stage

There are rumours that a record producer might be coming. Suzanna and the band are hoping it might be their big shot."


After months of auditions, rehearsals and technical runs, the students of Portland Secondary College hit the stage with their annual production, The School Banned.Opening tonight, with additional shows tomorrow and Friday, the performance showcases the students’ amazing dancing, comedic and dramatic skills on the live stage of the Portland Arts Centre at 7.30pm.


The production is the culmination of about 20 weeks of rehearsals for the 30 members of cast and crew, which includes members of the music and drama departments.Tickets are $10 each and are available at the College’s general office or by calling 55231344.


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Students ask Tough Questions



An unyielding debate in Canberra may now seem tame for Dan Tehan MP, especially compared to a forum with Portland Secondary College students.The Member for Wannon spent time with a handful of year 12 students and Student Representative Council members on Wednesday, covering topics of anti-terrorism, tertiary education and same-sex marriage, with the latter receiving a lot of attention.Year 12 student Annique Ray, 17, started the proceedings with hard hitting question, asking "Will same-sex marriage ever become law in Australia? How can we move to get it passed?"Mr Tehan played the questions with a straight bat, saying he welcomed the possibility of a plebiscite."For me I think that enabling people to have their say is a good outcome because then people, according to their conscience, can decide," Mr Tehan said.With one eye on the future, students also asked about the condition of local roads and the Commonwealth Government’s role in maintaining our motorways."The Federal Government is only responsible for two roads in our electorate: Princess Highway and the Western Highway.


Every other road is under VicRoads, or as I like to think, State Government Roads."I invite you all to write to me so that I can pass them on to the state roads minister, Mr Donnellan," he added.Mr Tehan also spoke about the Portland Bay School, noting he is working closely with state representative Dr Denis Napthine to help the school."I’m trying to be an advocate for the school and assist Dr Napthine where I can."By the end of the 30-minute session, Mr Tehan commended the students on their tough-but-insightful questions and encouraged them all to be proactive when it comes to their political views."Be involved. You are all rapidly approaching enrolment age, and I encourage you all not to make superficial choices when you vote."


secondary students ask tough questions of Tehan


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Indonesia brings Seisa to amazing Places


Indonesian brings Seisa to amazing places 

What started as Indonesian classes at Portland Secondary College has led Seisia Kane to the Indonesian Presidential Place on Indonesian Independence Day.


Ms Kane was one of two university students selected Australia-wide to join 32 student representatives from 18 countries at the official celebrations as guests of the Education and Cultural Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy.This amazing opportunity came as a bit of a surprise for Ms Kane who was nominated by her university and then didn’t expect to be picked to be one of the two from Australia."I was really excited, I remember I was at home in Portland at the time and I had to read it a couple of times just to make sure I was reading it right," said Ms Kane.Ms Kane’s week long trip, which also saw her visit Bali, was centred on the Independence Day Celebrations on the 17th of August. Being the 70th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence the celebrations were heightened, according to Ms Kane."It was very big, there were a lot of the military involved, lots of important people around, even throughout the streets of Jakarta it was all decorated with white and red which are the Indonesian colours."Ms Kane attended the ceremony at the Presidential Palace in one of the rare occasions it was open to a wider range of people."There was a really big ceremony at the presidential palace in Jakarta, which you could compare it to government house in Canberra and it’s the first time that they have opened it up to other people other than really important in Indonesia," said Ms Kane."So it was a first to have people form different countries come in and other people from around Indonesia so that was that was pretty exciting. The presidential palace itself was really impressive."After her two days in Jakarta, Ms Kane spent four in Bali where she was able to experience some more of Indonesia’s history and culture.


All of this will come as a huge benefit to Ms Kane who is about to finish the second year of a five year double degree in Indonesian and law and has aspirations in international relations. "I want to do something in Indonesian and Australian relations, so something in the government or as part of a non-for profit organisation. For my career prospects and for just contacts in general it has been really good."Ms Kane is back in Australia now but it seems only a pit-stop as she will return to to Indonesia for the fourth time in November for a three-week tour run by the Flinders University Law School.


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Student Art on Show


For the eleventh year running the students from the Portland Secondary College will have their art on show at the Portland Arts Centre as part of the school’s smART Art program.The program displays the art of all visual art students from years seven to 11 in one exhibition with a range of mediums and themes explored. PSC art teacher David Burgoyne said it was a great opportunity for the public to see all of the hard work and talent that the students possess. "The purpose of it is to celebrate the creativity and skill of the kids, we also want to try and show the range of media that kids can use in visual arts.


"Different year levels have different focuses which range from two dimensional mediums such as, lino-prints, drawing and photography to three dimensional mediums like ceramics and mask making."The higher you go up through the year levels the more independent the kids are with their work, with the year sevens we set a theme around a media which the kids explore and create their own work," said Mr Burgoyne."Once you get to year nine or ten the kids are starting to have independent directions for their work and then matching the media to suit their ideas."With smART having run for such an extended period now, Mr Burgoyne said that you can see the progress of the students over time, adding another interesting layer to an already impressive exhibition."The main point is to get their (the student’s) stuff out there so that they can be a proud of their work and see the result of the developmental work that they do," he said. "It’s also interesting to track from how they started in year seven and see their progress as they go through to year 11."While the exhibition is currently open for viewing it will have its opening night on Monday August 31 from 5-6pm at Portland Arts Centre. The exhibition will run until September 18 and is open from 9an to 5pm on weekdays and 1pm to 4pm on weekends.


 student art on showstudent art on show1


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